SalvatCapital GmbH

Schäferweg 38 B
33100 Paderborn

T: +49 52 51 878 99 81
M: +49 173 72 73 076

SalvatCapital is an investment firm specialised in transforming businesses that are in special or distressed situations and can benefit from our operational and strategic approach.

SalvatCapital targets small- and medium-sized companies with a reasonable core business, mature products or services, established customer relationships, and that are facing critical challenges or have reached a transition point in their lifecycle presenting an opportunity for transformation.

SalvatCapital`s key driver for value creation is getting actively involved into operational and strategic transformation. We go beyond board room governance by taking hands-on operational executive roles in our portfolio companies.

SalvatCapital is flexible in investment structure. Due to our financial and operational expertise we are able provide individual solutions for stakeholders and are able to execute transactions in a very short timeframe. We have experience in investing in time-critical carve-out, turnaround and insolvency situations.

SalvatCapital applies a consistent investment approach on a global basis. Our broad industry knowledge in the automotive, industrial manufacturing and mechanical engineering sector allows us to invest across a diverse set of business segments and to capture opportunities in a variety of geographic regions.